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Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) present the single greatest pathway to operational and financial success for community hospitals. Caravan Health brings population health to life. We help physicians and hospitals work together to create, operate, and manage successful population health programs that improve patient care, clinician satisfaction, and financial performance.

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We partner with 14,000+ clinicians and 250+ hospitals serving more than 1 million beneficiaries.


Each year, we help our ACOs save $26 million – 10 times the national savings average.

98%Quality Scores

In the second year, our ACOs have quality scores that average 98%.

See what New Hampshire hospitals and clinics were able to
accomplish with an ACO supported by Caravan Health.

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ACO Formation

Our organization is considering or prepared to participate in an ACO.
Great! We’ll help you understand the process, risks, and benefits, so you can make an informed decision.


ACO Optimization

We are operating an ACO, but know we have an opportunity to improve our overall performance.
You’re in the right place. We’ll use our proven model of success to enhance the performance of your ACO.


ACO Collaboration

We are participating in an ACO that has variable financial results.
ACO failures are mainly caused by having too few lives. We can help you overcome this issue while maintaining independence and accountability.

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