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Caravan Continues Commitment to Rural Providers w/ Risk-free, No-Cost ACO

Caravan Health is continuing its commitment to reducing barriers to entry for rural providers in value-based care by offering no cost and no-risk entry into a Medicare Shared Savings Program ACO for January 2022. CMS has delayed the request for applications for the ACO Transformation Track of CMS’ new CHART model.

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McFarland Clinic Uses HCC Recapture to Improve Coding Rates for Patients with Diabetes

McFarland Clinic joined Caravan’s Stratum Med ACO as founding members in 2019. When they transitioned to value-based care the McFarland staff worked closely with their Caravan team to place more emphasis on HCC coding in order to use data to recognize opportunities and gaps in care.

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Now the Numbers Work

Sooner or later, you know you’ll have to make the transition to value-based care. Everyone will. You may have already tried it. If not, you know someone who has. And you’ve seen what happens. That’s the very reason you keep putting this off. But since value-based care is not going to go away, you’ve got to figure this out, or you’re going to be cutting checks to CMS once a year for the rest of your tenure. In theory, value-based care is a wonderful thing. It’s just that nobody knows how to make it work for hospitals with your kind of financials, demographics, quality challenges, and so on. And that’s why there’s Caravan Health. With Caravan, now the numbers work.

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We can help you improve the overall performance of your ACO and take control of your population health management.

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We can help you understand the process, risks, and benefits of joining an ACO. We dispel common myths about hospitals and ACOs so you can make an informed decision.

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Participating in an ACO

Variable financial results in an ACO is usually due to having too few patient lives. Caravan Health can help your organization achieve sustainable results and successfully take downside risk through our innovative collaborative ACO model.

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Episode 6 - Health Care by the Numbers: Mara McDermott

This week our co-hosts Todd Searls and Louise Yinug talk with Mara McDermott, Vice President at McDermott+ Consulting, a leading health policy consulting firm in Washington, DC.

Policy, Podcasts & Videos, Value-Based Care


Caravan Health Continues Commitment to Rural Providers with Risk-free, No-Cost Opportunity

Caravan Stepping in with Bridge ACO Offering During CHART Model Delay

ACO, Policy, Blogs & News, Value-Based Care, Population Health, Rural


Caravan Health Announces Risk-free and No Cost Initiative to Strengthen Rural Health

The nation’s leader in accountable care is removing barriers to entry for rural providers transitioning to value-based care

ACO, Policy, Blogs & News, Value-Based Care, Population Health, Rural


McFarland Clinic Uses HCC Recapture to Improve Coding Rates for Patients with Diabetes

American Diabetes Association Alert Day is observed each year as a ‘wake-up call’ to focus on the seriousness of diabetes and the importance of addressing risk factors.

Blogs & News, Value-Based Care, Population Health, Rural


Episode 5 - Health Care by the Numbers: Jessica Kim Cohen

This week our host Todd Searls talks with Jessica Kim Cohen, health and technology reporter at Modern Healthcare. Their discussion focuses on the role of technology in improving outcomes and communication across the health care industry.

Podcasts & Videos, Quality, COVID-19


Latest Stimulus Law Includes $8.5 Billion for Rural Medicare and Medicaid Providers

Last Thursday, President Biden signed a $1.9 trillion relief package extending unemployment insurance benefits, providing stimulus payments and tax credits to many families, and providing economic support to state and local governments.

Policy, Blogs & News, Population Health, Rural, COVID-19


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