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Caravan Health Introduces ‘ACO Playbook: Spotlighting Successful Strategies’

In an effort to highlight Caravan Health client success stories and best practices, each week a ‘Spotlight’ is written to showcase these successes. These Spotlights include best practice scenarios and offer ACO professionals an opportunity to learn from their peers. The Spotlights provide valuable information and in order for these resources to be easier to access, we have compiled them into one e-book.  



340B Covered Entities Have Lower Drug Spending, Fewer Brand Drugs than Other Providers

Some critics have expressed concern that 340B entities are inflating drug costs to maximize discounts. Our analysis of drug costs of CE and non-CE clients of Caravan Health shows that this is not the case. In fact, CEs have far lower Part D drug costs and lower use of more expensive brand-name drugs than their non-CE counterparts.


Now the Numbers Work

Sooner or later, you know you’ll have to make the transition to value-based care. Everyone will. You may have already tried it. If not, you know someone who has. And you’ve seen what happens. That’s the very reason you keep putting this off. But since value-based care is not going to go away, you’ve got to figure this out, or you’re going to be cutting checks to CMS once a year for the rest of your tenure. In theory, value-based care is a wonderful thing. It’s just that nobody knows how to make it work for hospitals with your kind of financials, demographics, quality challenges, and so on. And that’s why there’s Caravan Health. With Caravan, now the numbers work.

What can Caravan do for you?


Secure a strong-footing in value-based care through our successful ACO model, a strong population health and 340B program, and enhanced technologies.


We can help your organization achieve sustainable results by successfully taking on downside risk with our proven collaborative ACO model.


By implementing our unique, data-driven insights and proven processes, covered entities can increase their 340B discounts two to five-fold without increasing risk.

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ACO, Blogs & News


Caravan Health Introduces ‘ACO Playbook: Spotlighting Successful Strategies’

A compilation of success stories and strategies from Caravan Health clients.

ACO, Blogs & News


ACO Playbook: Spotlighting Successful Strategies

A compilation of success stories and strategies from Caravan Health clients

ACO, Case Studies, Publications & Whitepapers, Quality, Value-Based Care, Population Health, 340B


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