Providers will have to take on risk in the next few years or lose out on part of their incomes. The Pathways to Success program includes this faster path to risk – and before long all ACOs will have to get on board.

Now there really is safety in numbers  

The move into ACO risk can be intimidating if you don’t have the right plan. Your best protection against downside risk is to implement a solid population health program with a trusted partner. With Caravan Health you can team up with other independent providers and build enough scale to avoid the statistical noise that leads to unpredictable results.

How Does Risk Work in a Caravan ACO? ​

Get Smart with Your Risk - Reduce Performance Uncertainty by 85%

With Caravan Health, you won’t need to write a check to CMS. We are so confident that we take on 75 percent of any ACO performance risk – 100 percent if you are rural. In a Caravan Health collaborative ACO you will do what you do best – provide high quality care to your patients while keeping decision-making local. Our proven population health management model creates high quality scores and impressive cost savings for over 250 health systems, 25,000 providers, and more than 585,000 attributed Medicare beneficiaries.

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Making the Numbers Work in Risk for Rural

Rural health systems struggling to keep their doors open simply cannot afford to risk their financial resources. With a proven model for helping rural providers thrive in accountable care, Caravan Health wants to make ACOs financially feasible for any provider regardless of location. In our risk-free rural solution, Caravan will cover 100 percent of downside ACO risk for eligible rural providers. Caravan’s rural clients will never have to worry about writing a check to CMS if they remain in good standing as an ACO participant and maintain Caravan’s comprehensive services.


Wondering if you qualify as rural? - Visit Am I Rural to learn more

What are the ACO risk options for 2021?

The COVID-19 pandemic has many providers nervous about taking on ACO risk. CMS has heard the concerns and is allowing ACOs to stay in the same risk arrangement in 2021. This includes Pathways to Success ACOs that are typically expected to advance a risk level each year. Even pre-Pathways ACOs with agreement periods ending in 2020 can get a one-year extension of their agreement.

Ready to learn more about Caravan's approach to risk mitigation?

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