Caravan’s ACO model thinks globally. We provide tools and training to empower population health nurses to drive quality programs. Our workflows and practice coaching teach organizations how they can utilize nurses to lead preventive care measures. This approach not only eases physician burden, but allows practices to bill for the work nurses perform. By engaging in a team-based model, health systems can improve clinician satisfaction and make practice transformation sustainable.

Streamline Workflows

Clinicians must be fully engaged for value-based programs to work. Caravan Health’s team-based model guides clinic staff through new workflows and processes, ensuring all levels of the organization work in tandem to improve quality outcomes. Through regular correspondence and trainings, our dedicated team of experts coach staff on how to implement new population health initiatives and provide ongoing support to overcome barriers when encountered. We hold all participants accountable for their roles, keeping clinicians engaged and motivated on the path to population health success.

Caravan Collaborative Model Drives Clinical Engagement



We were looking for guidance and that's what we received from Caravan Health.

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