Value Based Payment

A value-based payment model supports primary care, prevention, and appropriate care in the right settings.

When you join an ACO with Caravan Health, you will reach quality improvement goals and reduce the total costs of care by bringing greater focus to population health management - keeping your patients healthy even when they aren't in your clinic.

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Key Benefits

The benefits of joining an ACO with Caravan Health are immediate. Caravan Health is a trusted partner to ACOs across the country. We bring results starting in year one. With Caravan Health on your team, you’ll have a proven plan to provide better coordinated care for your community, leverage CMS claims data to predict and prevent disease progression, engage current patients, establish new revenue with preventive care and efficient wellness visits, and more.

Better Financial Performance

Teaching participants about value-based payment models that reward population health has produced an average increase of 5 - 7% inpatient revenue, 10 - 17% outpatient revenue, and $250 - $500 per patient wellness revenue for our ACOs.

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Improved Quality Scores

Within one year of ACO participation Caravan Health partners increase their overall quality score by 15 percent. Caravan Health partners averaged a MIPS score of 92 percent in 2017, with all ACOs earning positive MIPS-related payment increases. Patient saw dramatic reductions in out-of-control blood sugar and increased remission of depression.  

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Better Patient Outcomes

Our physician-led operational model puts physicians in the position to manage the health and well being of their patients through population health tools, bundled payments and lowered hospital re-admittance rate.

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Improved Clinician Satisfaction

Nurse-delivered population health model generates practice revenue and frees up time for physicians while delivering more primary care for patients. Taken together, that increases clinician satisfaction. 

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Strategic Partnerships for Physicians

Focus on empowering support teams to absorb physician workload helps physicians remain independent while increasing revenue streams and earning shared savings.

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