Welcome to Your New ACO

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For Leaders, Practice Managers, Clinicians, Practice Champions, Care Coordinators, IT Staff, Marketing Staff

Get a complete overview of all programs, learn what is expected from you and your practices, and discover how you can be successful in the program and hit the ground running.


Once you have submitted your application, your organization waits five months for final
approval by Medicare. Our pre-launch webinars keep your staff engaged and help them
learn about the program. Once approved, our experts will come on-site to launch your
program and engage your staff and clinicians.


Pre-Recorded Webinars:
• Program Basics
• Assembling Your Team
• Roadmap for Success
• Care Coordination Program Overview
• The Clinician’s Role in Transformation
• Nurse Advice Hotline
• Introduction to Lightbeam Data Warehouse
• Introduction to Quality Measures and Reporting
• Patient Satisfaction
• Practice Champion
• Role & Provider List Management
• Communication / Marketing About Your Program
• Legal and Governance 101
• Waivers and Compliance


Our staff will come to your community to meet with clinicians, hospital staff, board members and community members to kick off your program and prepare you for success. After a general education session, we will meet with your Steering Committee, sharing data that is unique to your community. We will map out the strategies that have been shown to be effective and get your team motivated, informed and prepared to begin changing how they interact with patients to improve population health.