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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has acted quickly to remove barriers, eliminating coinsurance and allowing patients to receive virtual care in their homes to minimize the risk of infection. These changes make a wide variety of virtual care services available in Medicare for the first time.  

In addition to providing safe care to patients during pandemic conditions, virtual care services, including chronic care management services, can be implemented to quickly optimize revenue. There are essential steps that providers and health systems must take to ensure the implementation of virtual care workflows align with in-person care.

When done correctly, providers can generate revenue including up to $600 per patient per year enrolled for chronic care management services. Virtual care services allows providers to deliver high value services and maintain a continuity of care with their patients – including those with compromised health.  

A comprehensive strategy will enable providers to deliver the highest-quality service with nurses working at the top of their license who will ensure the goals of population health are met. However, establishing basic virtual care and telehealth capabilities to provide patient evaluation and management services is just a first step. To fully deliver optimized care for patients and generate revenue you can’t afford to stop there. Every practice has its nuances and differences and determining the best strategies for your practice will require more steps.

At Caravan Health, we understand that there is more to virtual care support than sending you a slide deck or a software tool and wishing you luck. To help you establish a successful virtual care practice, our experienced team of clinical and technology experts have developed a comprehensive suite of support services with the tools, resources, and guidance you need to effectively implement virtual care.

We’ve received questions and comments from many clients who are struggling to keep up with the onslaught of changes that have resulted from the pandemic. A common concern from providers is the frustration of trying to adapt to the changes without overlooking key components, while sustaining their practices, so they can deliver the care that their patients rely on.

What providers are saying:

  • We’re overwhelmed as it is, how can we keep up with the pages and pages of new virtual care regulations?  

  • We want to use virtual care services and we’re trying but it’s all new to our staff and training them is going to take a lot of time.  

  • Some of our patients get it, but a majority of them don’t have much or any experience with technology and we’re running into roadblocks.

We’ve responded with virtual care solutions:  

  • Caravan continuously monitors the regulatory landscape, and helps you understand and comply with all regulatory requirements – we’re not going to let you miss out on an opportunity. 

  • We provide the training your staff needs to gain competence on virtual care services so they can implement the new platform and educate your patients on using the technology. 

  • Our experts provide  ongoing support including best practice suggestions to ensure your practice is optimizing virtual care. 

  • We have developed user-friendly patient engagement software that helps to remove any  barriers to patient consent and increases patient confidence which makes your job easier. 

  • We are the nation’s leader in accountable care because we understand how to transition to new methods of care and optimize sources of revenue. Our experts will help your practice make a smooth and successful transition to virtual care

Kick-start your Virtual Care Services with Confidence

  • Gain access to Caravan’s online extensive library of resources

  • Participate in nurse-led education and training for clinical and support staff

  • Receive comprehensive guidance on workflow transformation, billing, coding, and compliance, including HIPAA

  • Partner with experts who will assist with Go-live implementation and ongoing support

Deliver High-value Care to Engage your Patients

  • Receive training and troubleshooting assistance on patient engagement application

  • Learn from CCM coaching  and additional services

  • Optimize best practices for remote patient monitoring

  • Take advantage of ongoing check-ins and consultations

Rely on Sustainable Revenue

  • Learn how to appropriately code and bill for services

  • Generate $600 per patient per year in new revenue for chronic care management

  • Work with ACOs experts who will help to ensure you are taking advantage of all revenue-generating potential

Streamline Communication and Tracking through Patient Engagement Software

Studies have shown that patients who are actively engaged in their health care experience have better outcomes. Caravan Health’s patient engagement software allows for direct patient communication and automated time tracking to help deliver virtual care services that align with your in-office services and help to garner patient confidence.

  • Patients can securely communicate with the care team and request follow up phone calls or visits.

  • Patients self-report biometrics such as blood pressure, blood glucose, weight, and pulse ox, and more. These measures are trended and reported.

  • Clinicians can assess patients’ health risks including depression and social determinants.

  • Have access to monthly patient and population level reports that document who has received care management services of 20 minutes or more to support appropriate billing.

Already have patient engagement software in place? Excellent!

You’re on your way to a successful virtual care practice. We’ll help you build sta­y and scheduling workflows to ensure you and your patients are getting the most out of your application.

Virtual Care Snapshot

When starting your virtual care services there are a lot of options to consider. Are you using all the services available to you and maximizing your staff? Review the snapshot below and download the Caravan Health Virtual Care Guide to learn everything you need to consider for rebooting your virtual care strategy.


Service Description
Also called Telemedicine, Online or Virtual E/M, Video Visit
Telehealth is a service delivered via real-time audio and video. Only certain services may be delivered via telehealth.
During the PHE, some services have also been approved for audio-only delivery. A complete list of allowable telehealth and audio-only services is available on the CMS website.
Telephone E/M
Evaluation and treatment by a provider using audio-only (telephone). Must address an issue that would typically require an office visit and be patient initiated. Time based service.
Telephone Assessment
Assessment by a qualified healthcare professional using audio only (telephone). Must address an issue that would typically require a face-to-face visit and be patient- initiated. Time based service.
Digital E/M
Also called digital visit or E-Visit
Evaluation and treatment by a provider using the patient portal/email/secure messaging- can include text, images, videos. Must address an issue that would typically require an office visit and be patient initiated. Time is cumulative over 7 days.
Digital Assessment
Assessment by a qualified healthcare professional using the patient portal/ email/secure messaging- can include text, images, video. Must address an issue that would typically require an office visit and be patient initiated. Time is cumulative over 7 days.
Virtual Check-In
Brief discussion (telephone or video chat) between provider and established patient to manage an acute or chronic problem. Cannot be related to E/M visit from past 7 days, and if it results in an E/M, only the E/M is billed.
Remote Evaluation
Provider reviews videos or images sent by patient and follows up with the patient within 24 business hours. Cannot be related to an E/M visit from past 7 days, and if it results in an E/M, only the E/M is billed.
Also called Internet Consults, Interprofessional, Internet Consultation
Two broad categories are described: the provider who requests a consultation via phone, internet or EHR and the physician who performs the consult and provides feedback to the requesting provider

Ready to reboot your virtual care stratgey?


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