The Future of Accountable Care

Hear from a panel of industry experts on the groundbreaking model of Collaborative ACOs.

Recent analysis shows that ACOs with more covered lives are better positioned to receive Medicare shared savings for participating providers.  This is a major concern as more ACOs are required to take on risk as the program matures. Caravan Health has solved this by nesting multiple, smaller ACOs within a collaborative ACO model. As a result, Caravan partner ACOs consistently beat the benchmarks and produce quality scores above 90 percent while eliminating the impact of bad luck.

Webinar presented May 23, 2018.

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Watch this webinar to hear from a panel on how the Collaborative ACO model can help health systems achieve the following benefits:

  • Greater likelihood of predictable shared savings.

  • Consistent success rewards effort and engages providers.

  • A reduction of over 80 percent of the administrative burden.

  • Prepare for the benefits of taking risk without the statistical uncertainty.

ACOs with less than 25,000 lives see wide swings in performance.

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