October 24, 2019Washington, D.C. – Today, the Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network (LAN) released the results from its 2019 APM Measurement Effort, an annual collaboration to measure nationwide progress in alternative payment model (APM) adoption. Building on the Measurement Effort results, the LAN unveiled new goals and vision for the future of payment reform.

As a supporter of the LAN and member of its newly launched Care Transformation Forum, Caravan Health pledges its endorsement of the LAN’s new goals as it moves into its next phase of transforming payment reform. We believe that adoption of these goals is essential to improving cost, quality, and health equity objectives in support of value-based, person-centered care.

The New LAN Goals
At the 2019 LAN Summit, the LAN unveiled a set of goals that focus on accelerating the transition to shared accountability alternative payment models (APMs) that include shared risk, bundled payments, and population-based payments. Looking forward, the LAN’s new goals outline the percentage of health care payments that should be tied to shared accountability APMs (Categories 3B, 4A, 4B, & 4C from the LAN’s Refreshed APM Framework) by line of business:

  • Medicare Advantage & Traditional Medicare
    • 30% by 2020
    • 50% by 2022
    • 100% by 2025
  • Medicaid & Commercial
    • 15% by 2020
    • 25% by 2022
    • 50% by 2025
For more information on these goals, visit the LAN’s recently-refreshed website: https://hcp-lan.org/.

Our Support
Caravan Health has been an ardent supporter of the movement toward value-based payment models. The adoption of shared accountability payment models is a national goal, and can help create an American health care system that pays for value to the benefit of patients and communities. With the right payment incentives in place, we are hopeful that we can accomplish many of the goals outlined by the LAN.

“Caravan Health applauds the efforts of the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network to transform the patient experience through data and analytics and delivery of care at the right place and right time,” said Tim Gronniger, Caravan Health CEO. “Caravan Health pledges to be the business realists for care transformation, providing value-based solutions community providers need to sustain their mission in improving the health of their communities.”
As a member of the LAN’s Care Transformation Forum, we are proud to join a group of committed executives in a shared effort to prioritize and execute on key focus areas that can advance shared accountability APM adoption across public and private payers. These focus areas include: addressing social determinants of health; reducing ineffective care and utilization; increasing data transparency and improving analytic capabilities; adoption of enhanced technology; facilitating market-based solutions; and implementing new population-based approaches.

To that effect, we are pleased to support the LAN’s goals of tying 50 percent of traditional Medicare to shared accountability Alternative Payment Models by 2022.
Caravan Health commits to supporting providers joining advanced APMs serving more than 1 million Medicare patients by 2020.

We are confident that these steps will help accelerate the movement towards shared accountability APMs, meet the LAN’s goals, and transform payment for all stakeholders.

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