KANSAS CITY, Mo., March 21, 2019 – Caravan Health and the Florida Hospital Association (FHA) have teamed up to strengthen health care for Medicare beneficiaries in Florida. FHA will sponsor a statewide accountable care organization (ACO) under which hospitals throughout the state will work together to provide coordinated, high-quality health care while delivering lower costs for patients.

Through the statewide ACO, hospitals in Florida can access Caravan Health’s proven population health management model to build primary care capacity and achieve quality and financial results. Independent Florida hospitals will work together to bring the benefits of scale. While smaller ACOs are likely to experience widely variable savings and losses, simply due to chance, larger ACOs deliver more predictable and sustainable results.

Caravan Health is the leading population health management company for community health systems. In 2017, Caravan Health ACOs surpassed nationwide ACO performance with total savings of over $54 million and quality scores of 94 percent. Along with these savings for the Medicare program, Caravan Health ACOs earned shared savings of more than $15 million. These shared savings go directly back to the providers doing the work of delivery system reform.

FHA was founded in 1927 to be a leading voice for excellence in Florida health care. At the national and state levels, FHA supports its members in their mission of community service and care to patients. FHA’s vision is to be a resource for demonstrating the community value of hospitals, building consensus with other groups and securing needed resources so its members can continue to provide high-quality, affordable care to their communities.
“Caravan Health and the Florida Hospital Association will work together for the benefit of Medicare patients across the state of Florida,” said Lynn Barr, Caravan Health CEO and Founder. “ACOs are the best way for community hospitals to achieve operational and financial success as Medicare requires a shift from fee-for-service to fee-for-value. Caravan Health’s proven methodology delivers the benefits of strong population health to communities and hospitals ready for transformation.”

“FHA is proud to offer this new opportunity for our member hospitals to make the move toward value-based payment with a trusted partner,” said Bruce Rueben, President of the Florida Hospital Association. “This Florida initiative is a key part of our plan to improve health care, build strong community connections and deliver measurable cost savings.”

For more information about the ACO, please contact Suellen Wilkins, Florida Hospital Association Director of Communications at suellenw@fha.org or call 850.222.9800.

To learn more about how Caravan Health is bringing together providers in large collaborative ACOs with more than 100,000 lives to protect you from taking on risk, watch our recent webinar.

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