Last week, Caravan Health received confirmation from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) about the superior performance of our partners in Accountable Care as measured by the 2017 Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) scores. Those 2017 scores will be used to set payment adjustments for 2019 for 22 Caravan Health ACOs operating across the country.

Our partners in Caravan Health ACOs scored over 92 percent on average, with an average upward payment adjustment of more than 1.5 percent. CMS provided a very low return to high scores in the early years of the program, but the continued implementation of the MIPS program will gradually force larger rewards for high MIPS scores – and consequently greater penalties for lower scores –  over the coming three years.

Of the 22 Caravan Health ACOs in that cohort, 15 earned over 90 percent overall MIPS score – several with perfect or near-perfect total scores. The MIPS scores for the 2017 performance year, which ran from January 1 to December 31, are made up of three parts: quality, advancing care information, and improvement activities (non-ACO clinicians are also scored on cost, a notoriously volatile metric). As published in our recent white paper, Caravan Health ACOs have made impressive gains on clinical quality measures for 2017. This strong quality performance is reflected in these high MIPS scores.

“As the ACO program matures, we are delighted that Caravan Health clinicians are continuing to excel at the factors included in the MIPS scoring,” said Caravan Health CEO and Founder Lynn Barr. “These data are further proof that our unique population health approach makes the connection between patient health, quality improvement, and strong finances. We are creating an ideal environment for ACO success.”

Caravan Health is the national leader in accountable care and population health management. The company has formed, manages, and operates 38 ACOs nationwide.

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