The end of the year at Caravan means an opportunity to meet with many of our clients, partners, and all of our employees at the Accountable Care Symposium. This year’s event in Phoenix was our largest yet, with 633 attendees including 120 Caravan employees and 513 doctors, nurses, and health system leaders committed to improving the care their patients receive.

Control Your Destiny.

This year’s conference theme was “Control Your Destiny” – the idea that health systems and clinical leaders have the ability to achieve what they have long strove for: top-quality patient care, financial, and survival in a competitive marketplace. The key for many hospitals starts with crushing MIPS, and generating new population health revenue through the rubric of an Accountable Care Organization.


The conference brought healthcare leaders from across the country to share ideas, challenges and successes. Attendees heard best practices for ACO management, strategies to succeed under MACRA and MIPS, how to improve physician alignment, initiatives to combat the opioid crisis, and new models to improve clinical and financial performance.

Patient Stories.

My favorite part of the Symposium every year is hearing about the ways our partners are making their patient’s lives better using our playbook. ACO Champion Kelly Fluharty told one session about how Winona Health has increased their pneumococcal vaccination rate to an incredible 94 percent, meaning their patients aren’t getting sick and are living longer, happier lives. They are also bringing depression screening to every single patient, catching this major illness burden and referring it for treatment that can dramatically improve patient lives and reduce costs across a wide variety of other diseases.


New focus on Advance Care Planning in 2018.

During the Symposium we introduced our new concentration on Advance Care Planning. With less than 3% of patients receiving Advance Care Planning, Caravan Health has partnered with WiserCare to facilitate tools and resources needed to improve Advance Care Planning in your health system in 2018.


Population Health Pioneers.

Our ACO Partners have achieved outstanding results this year. The Symposium was also an opportunity to recognize organizations and individuals who have transcended quality of care in 2017. Congratulations to our 2017 Population Health Pioneer award winners!

Planning for 2019 – the benefits of scale.

While we prepare to launch a new suite of programs in 2018, we have to keep one eye on the next year too. As we have reviewed our data and CMS’s plans for the future, we are increasingly seeing the benefits of working together as a disaggregated but coordinated network of hospitals across the nation. Our scale – more than 500,000 attributed lives in 2018 – is what allows us to benchmark and hone in on variation to drive performance improvements. It also allows our partners to benefit from the experience of others, and, eventually, to move towards risk-based models required by CMS in the future with confidence.

Stay tuned for more new ideas from Caravan Health in the new year!

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