As 2019 comes to a close, all of us at Caravan Health are reflecting on the tremendous progress of the past year. Since January, we have launched the largest ACO in the country with more than 225,000 lives, recruited dozens of high-performing physician practices to form two new ACOs under the new Pathways to Success Model, and continued to innovate with the first-ever statewide collaborative ACOs. A common thread throughout our achievements in 2019 is the power of numbers.

The transition to value-based care is continuing across our health system. Traditional fee-for-service could soon be in the past as fee-for-value and risk-based payment become the norm. Recognized as the nation’s leader in accountable care for community health systems, Caravan Health continues to deliver results by understanding the nuts and bolts of making the numbers work for clinicians entering this new world.

One key to making the value-based numbers work is size. Larger ACOs lead to more predictable and stable financial results with less unexplained variation in savings and losses. No one in an ACO can take the chance of putting in all the work of care transformation and receiving random results in return. When providers come together to form larger ACOs, they can remain independent while gaining the benefits of scale. The solution is in the numbers.
Predictable and stable results become even more important as Pathways to Success rolls out with its faster path to risk. Preparation for Pathways is critical – practices must have a plan in place to effectively manage the numbers. And the numbers can work – taking on risk will lead to a 5% lump sum payment and being exempt from MIPS reporting.

Caravan ACOs lead the nation in care quality and savings. On average in 2018, Caravan-affiliated ACOs achieved MIPS scores of 99% and 24 out of 36 (more than 60%), achieved a perfect score of 100. Further, our ACOs earned a $173 per capita savings annually. From 2015 to 2018, our ACOs took home shared savings of $46.2M.

When clinicians embrace risk and fully commit to a value-based model, they can effectively deliver high quality care and save money.

With Caravan Health, now the numbers work.


Hear from our CEO Tim Gronniger to learn more about why the numbers work with Caravan Health. Watch the video here.

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