May 05, 2020


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In recognition of Nurses Week, Caravan Health acknowledges the efforts, dedication, and sacrifices that are made on our behalf every hour of every day by nurses. It is rare to meet a nurse who fell into the role by happenstance. Rather, a career in nursing is for most, an ambition they not only had, but also felt, years before joining the profession. 
Providers and clinicians who deliver care to millions of patients each day are at the core of our mission to help health care organizations thrive in an evolving landscape. Nurses are an essential part of maintaining the health of our nation and they inspire others each day. It isn’t just in the case of a public health emergency - they routinely work long hours. Many will place their lives on the front lines to help others and they frequently advocate for improvements - often in areas with limited resources.
Debbie Priest and Beth Fitzpatrick, two nurses who work at Knox Community Hospital in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, are known to inspire others for their passion and work ethic. Debbie sees obstacles as opportunities to make a bigger impact in providing better patient care. Beth understands the value of post-acute care and as an advocate for this important work, has created programs and collaborates with community partners to enhance these services.
Kate Angellotti, Business Development Logistics Coordinator for Caravan Health, experienced first-hand the compassionate, skilled care nurses are known for. Sue, Abbey, Gina and Josh provided all levels of care for her husband who had life-threatening bacterial meningitis. Nine years later, Kate’s husband is healthy. Today, they live 2,600 miles away in a different state yet, despite the time and distance, she remembers the names of those nurses who helped to save her husband’s life and supported her through the trauma.
Nurses work countless hours in a variety of roles - all with the united goal to help. Whether a nurse is working a weekend shift in an inner-city emergency department or coordinating teams of clinicians to screen patients for depression, ultimately, nurses are at the foundation of improving patient outcomes.
At Caravan Health, we are honored to have 16 nurses on our staff. Located in multiple states, with hundreds of years of combined experience they oversee dozens of regions of hospital systems and clinics all over the country. Our nurses embody the qualities and characteristics of inspirational and compassionate healers.

Lisa Goldstein is one of Caravan’s original Clinical Practice Improvement Managers and today is the Director of Practice Transformation and leads a team of eleven nurses. She guides her nurses’ development and supports client outreach including 200+ monthly roadmap calls. In the spirit of nurses everywhere, she has stopped to help at the scene of an auto accident and assisted a passenger on a flight who went into cardiac arrest. 
Our nurses describe helping people, improving lives, and making a difference as to why they became nurses. Yet, they are human too and have experienced the stress of having more patients who need attention than there is time in the day. Some patient experiences result in heartwarming stories of meeting a future spouse while working with a patient and connecting with a special boy in Yetebon, Africa – other experiences weigh heavily when families suffer and mourn or working with patients who have little-to-no support.
Perhaps the most endearing qualities of nurses are their ability to laugh at themselves and understand that a little bit of levity goes a long way. Some don’t like their fingers pricked for a blood test or having to chart every detail while others can’t tolerate the almost penetrable smell of patient food carts. Few nurses want to hear your symptoms or see your rash at a cocktail party yet most all have been subjected to it.
For many nurses, the profession is not a matter of a job that they do, rather, it reflects who they are. Nurses are dedicated to helping others regardless of the circumstances to make a difference in lives everywhere. We thank you for your unwavering compassion and steadfast expertise.

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