Health care providers are experiencing a paradigm shift as fee-for-service models are dying out and value-based care becomes the norm. This poses a serious challenge to community health systems and the physicians who are critical to care delivery. Due to the pressures of meeting the demands to change reporting and convert to expensive EMR systems while balancing declining reimbursement, many physicians are turning to hospital-based employment as a safe harbor from the risks of maintaining an independent practice.

Health care organizations must engage physicians effectively to bridge the organizational and cultural divide between inpatient, outpatient, post-acute and primary care. Making these connections can be the difference between succeeding in well-coordinated value-based care and failing to realize the potential of care transformation. While circumstances may vary, soliciting input from physicians results in a more unified, and ultimately, successful experience.

In his daily work at Caravan Health, Medical Director John Findley, M.D., leads ACOs through essential steps to overcoming the challenges of physician engagement. In his latest article published by the Governance Institute, Dr. Findley provides 5 key takeaways for health care organizations and their boards to get past obstacles while creating a culture of collaboration.

Click here to read, ‘Overcoming the Physician Engagement Conundrum’(Please note you must have a Governance Institute login to read the full article.)

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