Understanding the value in big data can make the biggest difference in improving patient care. It’s not enough to just have the data on-hand – physicians and clinical staff must have clear, actionable insight into their analytics to effectively meet the needs of their patients.

Caravan’s model connects analytics to change at the practice level. This allows our ACO partners to make data-driven decisions that address clinical barriers and drive continuous improvement.

Since joining a Caravan Health partner ACO, Mammoth Hospital has leveraged Caravan’s data and analytics platform Lightbeam Health Solutions to give the best care possible for their community. Through the support of Caravan, their clinical team can now easily identify their high-cost patients on which they can have the greatest impact and make appropriate changes to their care.

We sat down with Mammoth’s Chief Financial Officer Melanie VanWinkle to hear her insight on effective use of data and how its drastically improved its community health.

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May 07, 2019

CMS Unveils New Primary Care Value-Based Payment Models to Start in 2020

In late April, CMS introduced five new value-based payment model options that aim to transform primary care and shift providers to take risk on the cost of care for their patients.

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March 28, 2019

Firsthand Experience with Accountable Care in Oregon - Interview with Dr. Divya Sharma

An accountable care organization can transform how care is delivered and prioritize new approaches to population health and primary care. We recently had a conversation with one of our ACO physician leaders, Dr. Divya Sharma, Chief Medical Officer for the Central Oregon Independent Practice Association in Bend, Oregon, about the most important lessons learned from joining an accountable care organization.


April 08, 2019

Mechanics of Collaborative ACOs Explained: Check Out Our Recent Webinar

In a Caravan Health collaborative ACO, a group of unrelated health systems come together to reach the scale necessary not just to participate, but to thrive in accountable care. In the last year, Caravan Health has taken the natural next step and combined lives to form even larger ACOs, including the largest Shared Savings Program ACO in the country with more than 200,000 attributed lives.