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Ed Monas, JD, MPA

Vice President of Customer Success

Making the lives of others better is Ed Monas’ passion, especially those who are challenged or in need of a helping hand.  This theme has consistently been the driving force in his career.  The following roles enabled him to focus his efforts on serving and assisting others: as a Performance Auditor for the State of Colorado,Ed was positioned to develop an idea (passed into Law) which saved the State a million dollars annually and provided people living with AIDS full access to their private health insurance.  As a Trial Lawyer, he was empowered to represent those who were denied their health insurance benefits and assist those who suffered employment discrimination based on factors they could not control.  As a ten-year Director of various customer service and support departments for Medtronic, PLC, he focused on ensuring each one of the company’s customers living with diabetes received life impacting supplies and technical support accurately, timely, and with the utmost empathy. He was aided in these efforts by earning a Bachelor degree in Public Service, from the University of Colorado-Boulder, a Master Degree in Public Administration from the University of Colorado-Denver, and a Law degree from the University of Denver.  Ed is excited to couple his professional experience with his education to do his very best to help Caravan Health continue its successful growth and its efforts to improve health care for all.