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The Caravan Health Accountable Care Symposium is the nation’s most innovative and influential event in population-based payment models. This year’s program featured thought leaders, industry experts, panel discussions and breakout sessions that addressed the most pressing concerns of health system leaders today.

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The 2017 Accountable Care Symposium featured:







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2017 Population Health Pioneers

 This year’s symposium was also a chance to recognize health systems and leaders for their outstanding successes in population health.

Organizational Awards

  • Most Annual Wellness Visits: North Mississippi, 63.4%- The first back-to-back winner!
  • Highest CCM Rate: Winding River ACO, 14.3%
  • Highest TCM Rate: North Mississippi 24.4%
  • Lowest PBPM Spend: Suburban Health, $8,513
  • Highest Engagement: Illinois Rural ACO, 98.7%
  • Greatest Reduction in Readmissions: Mountain West, -29.2%
  • Greatest Reduction in ED Utilization: Suburban Health, -10.5%
  • ACO of the Year: Magnolia-Evergreen, $10,042,228 in savings

Individual Awards

  • Heather Geary: Most Valuable Care Coordinator – ACO
  • Melanie Van Winkle: Practice Manager Leader – ACO
  • Emily Padula: All Star ACO Champion – ACO
  • Catherine Chua: Outstanding Physician Leadership – ACO
  • Amy McDaniel: ACO Board Chair of the Year – ACO
  • Michael Hurt: ACO Medical Director Champion – ACO
  • Genevieve Larimar: Most Valuable Care Coordinator – TCPI
  • Susan Welter: Practice Manager Leader – TCPI
  • Renee Diamond: Outstanding Physician Leadership – TCPI
  • Julie Stahl: Most Valuable Care Coordinator – CPC+
  • Trevor Collins: Practice Manager Leader – CPC+
  • Randall Suzuka: Outstanding Physician Leadership – CPC+

Those who attended this year’s symposium said:

“Great time to network and connect with the peers and learn about what is going on in next year.”

“I was impressed by the turn-out, and that everyone participated in every session. There was a broad representation from across the country as well as from various roles – practice managers, physicians and CEOs. It was great to hear the interaction.”

“The information and quality of speakers was fantastic.”

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