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We provide the tools and resources to pave the way for population health success.

When an ACO has fewer than 25,000 lives, hospitals cannot meaningfully connect performance to outcomes. When an ACO has more than 100,000 lives, participating organizations can begin to see performance-based results. And an ACO with more than 100,000 lives can effectively share risk and reliably make quality and financial gains. Although many independent hospitals and clinics lack the knowledge, resources, and partners to form an ACO of that size, Caravan Health is uniquely experienced to support large-scale collaboration with our proven accountability, governance, and transparency model.

Hospitals Can’t Afford to Fail in Population Health Programs

Physicians become engaged when ACOs succeed, and they disengage when they fail. What most people don’t know is that success or failure is driven by two things: managing patients better than you did last year and having enough lives to remove statistical variation.

Pushing physicians to manage population health is a mistake. They already shoulder considerable responsibility, so asking them to also manage constantly changing ACO dynamics and massive quantities of data undermines the very thing the ACO set out to do – improve quality of care.

Nurses are the Core

Nurses are the core of better preventive care and population health. Physicians lead the care team, nurses deliver most of the preventive care.

Population health nurses are a driving factor for ACO success. Caravan Health offers training and tools to empower your nurses and office staff to support population health – all the while freeing physicians to focus on delivering care. This training helps nurses learn how to provide valuable services and bill incident-to under a supervising physician. With this model nurses generate income – about $150k more per year – generating profit and giving physicians extra time with patients.

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Our data shows that ACO success truly depends on empowering population health nurses and steadily increasing the capabilities of primary care clinics.

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