It’s always an uphill battle with adopting new population health strategies and data analytics tools. You’ve got to convince everyone in the organization – from the head of neurosurgery to the IT manager – to take the time out of their already-too-busy day to learn yet another new process, system, or skill.

And it’s going to be even harder this time, because the last time you announced a big change initiative like this, it only lasted six weeks before you had to change all the changes. Everyone keeps telling you they don’t have time for this – but the truth is you’re not sure you have time for it either.

With Caravan Health, you can drive more change, benefit from more scale, and generate more revenue with our proven population health model and analytics capabilities.

We provide the data, analytic tools, guidance, and support you need to effectively impact outcomes and improve the lives of both patients and providers. Caravan Health is the nation’s leader in accountable care & population health management.

With Caravan Health you can:

  • Provide better patient care – without overloading your physicians – by putting nurses in charge of  preventive care measures such as annual wellness visits, chronic care management, care planning, and behavioral health integration.

  • Gain greater visibility into your population’s health using Caravan Compass analytics to combine claims data with clinical records, so you can uncover hidden inefficiencies that cause unwarranted variation in patient care and increase your costs.

  • Apply population health best practices to increase compliance, improve HCC capture and results, and address 11 quality measures during each annual wellness visit.

  • Avoid wasted efforts and strategically track benchmark progress with enhanced communication including monthly and quarterly meetings with the community, clinical staff, and senior leadership.   

  • Drive change by leveraging Caravan’s population health models that have proven to be successful for other organizations like yours, year after year.

Nurse-led Care: The Key to Population Health Success

Physicians are overburdened with demands to see an increasing number of patients in a shorter amount of time, while complying with regulations and guidance that have required them to become experts in finance, billing, coding, data analytics and operational management. The demands on physicians to take on more than health care delivery has led to burnout across all specialties and settings. Our answer is putting nurses in charge of population health.

At Caravan Health, we recognize the demands placed on physicians and understand that effective health care delivery can be achieved with nurse-led, population health-based care.
To help combat physician burnout, Caravan’s ACO model emphasizes a wholistic team-based care approach, encouraging nurses to work at the highest levels of their training. Nurse-led care removes unnecessary burdens from physicians and integrates a workflow that requires a coordination of care throughout a team.

Caravan Health’s results have shown that physicians become engaged when ACOs succeed, and disengage when they fail, leading to burnout.

Population Health Nurses & Annual Wellness Visits:  Increased Prevention & Quality

Population health nurses are the foundation of successful nurse-led care and the core of improved preventive care. Requiring physicians to shoulder additional responsibilities is ineffective and unnecessary. Rather than asking them to manage constantly changing ACO dynamics and become analytics experts, the team approach engages the entire staff from the back of the house to the front and empowers the nurse to use preventive care techniques that improve patient care, generate new revenue streams, and improve provider engagement.

Our proprietary training and analytic tools empower nurses and office staff to support population health services, freeing up physician time to lead care teams. This team-based care approach lets nurses provide and bill for valuable services such as Annual Wellness Visits, Chronic Care Management, Behavioral Health Integration, and Advance Care Planning.  

Through ongoing guidance and support from our team of clinical experts, we can help your nurses generate up to $150k in additional revenue each year.


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