Caravan Health’s successful population health methodologies are supported by the award-winning technology of Caravan Coach. This comprehensive population health analytics software and 340B enablement platform provides mission-driven health systems with a single, robust repository where all tools needed to manage the health of patient populations are conveniently stored and easy to access. 

Drive Action Through Data with Caravan Coach

Caravan Coach combines our comprehensive database of ACO information into one platform to make population health methodologies more robust and easier to use. Caravan Coach ACO software provides all the data, tools, and know-how to be successful in the Medicare Shared Savings Program and 340B Drug Discount program.

Coach patient engagement capabilities meet the challenges of engaging patients and encouraging them to take an active role in their health. In 2020, Caravan Health acquired Wellpepper, a patient engagement application with capability for remote patient monitoring and chronic care management. The Wellpepper patient engagement app is an integral part of Caravan Coach and works seamlessly with the ACO software.

Caravan Coach is not limited to ACO attributed patients. The new software allows clients to increase their capabilities to work with other payers by analyzing data from other sources. Caravan clients can invite non-Medicare patients to the Wellpepper app to better manage their chronic conditions.

Winona Health Capitalizes on 340B Savings and Enhances Community Care with Caravan Coach

This case study highlights the challenges and solutions that Winona Health staff and providers have experienced as they implemented a comprehensive 340B program that has resulted in substantial savings.

Caravan Coach Benefits:

  • The Care Module streamlines care management and patient engagement activities into one repository. Clinicians can monitor their high-risk patients, identify gaps in care, and benefit from a holistic view into prevention and wellness initiatives including AWVs and CCM. The Wellpepper app empowers patients to set health goals and interact with their care team. 

  • The Track Module drills down on performance improvement activities by integrating patient-generated data, claims data, EHR data, HCC and more. Financial performance is readily available with dashboards that can be used for forecasting, ROI projects, CMS reports, and more.

  • With the Improve Module, clients have access to Caravan Health’s proprietary educational trainings practice transformation resources, and project plans for continued results. This module positions clients to benefit from the latest thinking, analytics, and best practices in population health from quality to billing, staffing, etc.

  • The Submit Module simplifies self-reporting for ACO progress and contribution. With the touch of a button, health care professionals can easily submit quality, compliance, promoting interoperability and organizational data to Caravan Health. 

  • The Learn Module hosts all of Caravan’s high-quality education and content in an intuitively organized, easy-to-use system. Users can engage with learning tools, opportunities, best practices, and webinars that will enhance overall patient care.

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NEW! Coach v3.0 Summer Release Includes Groundbreaking Enhancements


“Caravan Coach has been a cornerstone in our care coordination program. The customer service and resources Caravan Coach provided have helped our care coordination program grow, deliver excellent patient care and meet our ACO goals. With Caravan Coach, questions are answered timely, and our processes are effective with a team of care providers patients can trust and rely on.”

Kara Redenius, RN Care Coordinator
Iowa Specialty Hospital


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