Comprehensive health care data and analytics are critical to a successful and financially sustainable organization. Sooner or later, you’ll have to make the decision to incorporate data analytics into your practice or accept the fact that everyone else is and your practice will fall behind. We’re not leading the nation in accountable care by chance.

Caravan Health knows how to make the numbers work and we’ve found a way to make the math simple.


Higher quality data and analytics result in higher quality care, with lower costs that generate more revenue. Without quality analytics and a knowledgeable support team to help unpack the data, it is nearly impossible to detect trends in your organization. If you can’t detect trends there is no way you can course correct. Simple math. If you know where to optimize your services and where you need to adjust, quality improves, scale happens, revenue is generated. Our impressive suite of technology and data analytics tools make sure your ACO is informed and on course for quality improvement and cost savings.

Dig Deeper into Claims Data with Caravan Compass


When Caravan Health first started helping providers transform their primary care, we realized that most health care data platforms were significantly lacking in providing clinicians with the right analytics that will drive change in their population health. The last thing a clinician or IT staff needs is to be wading through unnecessary ACO datasheets and numbers. And, if you’re working with a tool that doesn’t provide your practice with what it needs – what’s the use? Providers talked to us about their frustrations about wanting to focus on health care and patients – not spreadsheets and running numbers. 

So, what did we do? 

We took matters into our own hands and built our in-house data platform, Caravan Compass, designed for health care providers who want to optimize their services, have more time for patients and more financial stability.  

Caravan Compass enables the analysis of claims data across your demographic to significantly pinpoint areas of improvement in your population health. With our proven platform your organization will have insight into your operational actions and care delivery behaviors that you’ve never been able to access. The Compass platform highlights key ACO performance indicators as Annual Wellness Visits, Chronic Care Management, and Advance Care Planning that drive continued population health success. 

Track key population health metrics that are critical to value-based care success.



We also help you examine your population health data from an enterprise level. We work with you and help identify out-of-network utilizations, outmigration patterns and inform your ACO on t the costs and quality of your specialty, tertiary and post-acute networks. By sharing data across your network you will be in a competitive position to enable practices to successfully intervene when indicated and close gaps in care. 

When you close gaps in care, you improve your patient care and you don’t leave money on the table. 

Our clients have commented that they were convinced they deliver the highest possible quality of care. Until they took advantage of Caravan Compass, they hadn’t realized where they were lacking and where they were leaving revenue on the table.

Hierarchical condition category, or HCC, coding is critical to making your population health sustainable. HCC coding can make the difference between having an incomplete picture of your patients’ health or a full view of the severity and complexity of disease. Transparency into the disease burden and associated risk of your patient population can be the key to making your ACO numbers work. 
Clinical care teams utilize our HCC Coding dashboard to stay focused on HCC Coding opportunities. Our HCC Coding facesheets drill down on patient specifics to minimize disparities and close gaps in care. These population health analytics are all used to power Caravan Health’s constantly evolving change management processes and drive success in the ACO.

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Accountability Across All Levels of Your Organization 

Our ACO experts will use practice scorecards to compare your population health performance on common clinical scenarios with Caravan Health clients and industry benchmarks. These reports compare your ACO participants to each other and to our database of community health systems to highlight opportunities for improvement and keep your practice management on track. 

Caravan's Practice Scorecard helps your team stay focused on goals and pinpoint areas of weakness.


Dive deeper into Caravan Health's data-driven ACO model.


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