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One of the most important elements of practice management is having comprehensive health care data and reporting. Through better data and analytics learn more about your patients and your health system than ever before, including where they go for care, what services they seek, what drugs they take and where you need to focus to achieve better care at lower costs.

Even ACOs that are performing well can, and should, get better. The best way to improve practice management is by defining and measuring success. We work closely with management to understand what “success” means and to guide them through each stage of the transformation. We begin by completing ACO scorecards to determine which clinics need more support with changes to culture or performance. With this approach, we foster transparency and collaboration from all levels of an organization to achieve common goals.

We continually gather and study health care data to find out where you need to focus to achieve better care at lower costs. When you partner with Caravan Health, you’ll never be wading through ACO datasheets and numbers trying to make sense of it. Instead, we’ll provide valuable, actionable insights for your clinicians.

Population Health Analytics

Looking at health care data from an enterprise level can help identify out-of-network utilization, outmigration patterns and inform your ACO about the cost and quality of your specialty, tertiary and post-acute networks. At Caravan Health, we find that many health systems are just too busy to generate and analyze these reports, so we provide comprehensive reporting and specific recommendations for action steps. These reports compare your ACO participants to each other and to our database of community health systems to highlight opportunities for improvement and keep your practice management on track.

Care coordinators and population health nurses utilize population health software to drive practice workflows. The Care Management modules promote comprehensive care delivery including prevention and wellness initiatives, HCC risk coding, risk stratification, and productivity measurement.  These are all used to power Caravan Health’s constantly evolving change management processes.

Observe your community’s performance against cohort and industry benchmarks 


Population Health Data graph of average episode costs

This chart highlights how much higher (or lower) your clinical episodes' average costs are compared to the same clinical episodes in the aggregate Caravan Health patient population. This information can be used to develop your bundled payment strategy, identifying your most expensive relative clinical episodes which may put your organization at risk, but also be your best opportunity for lowering costs. 

Caravan Compass Analytics Provide Actionable Intelligence

Caravan Compass tools enable the analysis of claims data across your population. Your team will use the platform to support high risk patients, improve quality performance and provide clinicians with insight into patients' use of medications. You can share data across your network, enabling practices to intervene and close gaps in care.
Episode reports show your performance on common clinical scenarios against Caravan Health and industry benchmarks. Spending performance of your post-acute and specialty care partners can be used to drive improvement and efficiency. 

Track key performance indicators over time

Total PPPY, Inpatient PPPY, Emergency PPPY, & Skilled Nursing PPPY graphs
Dive deeper into Caravan Health’s data-driven ACO model.

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