In 2019, Caravan Health launched the nation’s largest-ever ACO, bringing together 125+ providers across 24 states to help hospitals and health clinics reach the critical mass necessary for predictable savings in the ACO program. The 235,000-life ACO allows providers to scale up while keeping their autonomy.

The majority of ACOs are too small to succeed, let alone be prepared to take on downside risk. ACOs with less than 20,000 lives routinely show savings and losses of 10 to 20 percent simply due to statistical variation in health care spending and HCC coding.

Our Collaborative ACO model will help you:

  • Overcome the tyranny of small numbers where a few very sick patients skew performance measures for the entire organization 

  • Reach the critical mass of 100,000 lives necessary to avoid statistical variation by joining a collaborative ACO 

  • Reduce performance uncertainty by 85% and ensure results are within 1% of true performance 

  • Get a clearer understanding of the status of your improvement  initiatives – clinical, operational, and financial 

  • Cover your losses – we’re so confident you won’t be cutting CMS a  check, we cover losses greater than 1% in exchange for 10% shared  savings 

  • With enough patient lives to make your ACO statistically viable,  now the numbers work.

Learn more about the critical need for scale in accountable care from a panel of experts.


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