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In our work with hospitals and health systems nationwide, we help our partners make the transition to value-based health care by creating ACOs that transform the health of their communities, improve quality outcomes and lower total costs - all while generating new outpatient revenue and population health success.

How to join an aco
Participate in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) and start seeing the benefits of joining an ACO. To be eligible for the Shared Savings Program Pathwatys to Success, an ACO must set up a governing body, establish processes to promote evidence-based medicine, promote patient engagement, and internally report on quality and cost measures.

Medicare determines the ACO's benchmark cost based on historical and regional claims data from your patients over the preceding three years and grows that benchmark to allow for inflation. Once your performance year starts, Medicare measures your ACO's annual spending again on the claims of your patients. If savings are achieved and quality reporting is complete, Medicare shares savings with the ACO participants. ACOs offer their own sets of rewards, challenges, and pitfalls, but with Caravan Health, you’ll beat your benchmark year after year.

Caravan Health helps providers navigate the challenges of value-based payments. We design, build, and sustain population health programs. When you join one of Caravan Health’s ACOs, you receive resources and support from our network, including education and training.  

Our ACO creation methodology can get you where you need to be with the best results in the industry. Want to learn how? Read how this hospital achieved hundreds of thousands in new population health revenue within six months of joining a collaborative ACO. 

Custom Training

We train population health nurses to lead preventive care, chronic care management, care planning, and behavioral health integration.

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Our expert staff, vast ACO network, templated legal documents, turnkey systems and on-demand resources allow ACO participants to optimize care delivery and improve patient outcomes.

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Change Management

Organizational change is hard, but central to every ACO's success.  We ease this burden and support staff at all levels of your organization by employing our effective communication, education, and onboarding processes.

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We've identified the essential keys to building a thriving ACO.

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