confidently assume downside risk

The new rules for Shared Savings Program ACOs are here. Late in 2018, CMS finalized the new Pathways to Success framework. The most important change is that most ACOs will soon be on a faster path to risk. Under the old rules, an ACO could have six years without downside risk, now most ACOs will go to risk after only two or three years. There is no reason to worry – Caravan Health is here to help.

Even with a faster path to risk, there are many advantages under Pathways to Success. Many ACOs can benefit from having a regional component of the benchmark in the first agreement period. Providers that treat patients with more complicated conditions can also get more credit for the higher costs. Most importantly, Caravan Health is ready to go into risk with you, dramatically reducing your risk, even with this faster glidepath. 
How Our Smart Risk Program Works
Don’t go into risk without Caravan Health, an experienced and reliable partner with a proven population health program and a guarantee against excess losses. In a collaborative Caravan Health ACO, you will do what you do best – provide high quality care to your patients while maintaining your independence. Our proven population health management model consistently creates high quality scores and impressive cost savings for over 250 health systems, 14,000 providers, and more than 1,000,000 patient lives.
In a Caravan Health collaborative ACO, you only risk one percent of total Medicare costs. If losses are greater than one percent, Caravan Health has you covered. Caravan Health will cover any losses after the first 1 percent. Based on our experience as the leaders in practice transformation for community health systems, we’re confident this can work for many health systems, including yours. 

Unsure about CMS's Pathways to Success final rule? Watch our webinar to learn about the rule's implications and prioritize your organization’s next steps in succeeding at accountable care.

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