Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, rural health providers were struggling. Over the past 10 years, dozens of rural hospitals have closed due to the challenges and many more are at risk.

Value-based Care as a Lifeline to Rural Providers

At Caravan Health, we understand that struggle and that’s we are successful at showing providers how to implement value-based payment and turn this troubling trend around. We have seen value-based payment models save rural hospitals in financial trouble. Population-based care delivers sustainable streams of revenue to vulnerable providers. Annual wellness visits, chronic care management, and behavioral health integration are some of the services that providers can use to proactively provide patient care while strengthening and sustaining their bottom line.

Physician time is precious and minutes matter especially in circumstances when there may not be enough physicians to provide all the care a community needs. Caravan’s team-based model of care optimizes the entire care team. All providers work at the top of their licenses to deliver high quality care in more efficient ways.

Community Health Access and Rural Transformation Model

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  • Review requirements & benefits of CMS' CHART model
  • Learn how this model interacts with other alternative payment models
  • Discuss how rural providers can leverage Caravan's ACO model to absolve risk and participate at no cost

Our Roots in Rural Value-Based Payment

Caravan was the first to realize the opportunities of value-based payments for rural providers. We were instrumental in the success of the ACO Investment Model (AIM), a program that encouraged smaller rural providers to start ACOs. These providers had few resources and could have been left out of the opportunity for care transformation. 

AIM saved $382 million for Medicare. The program was so successful that CMS recently announced that the Community Health Access and Rural Transformation Model (CHART) will offer another round of start-up loans to smaller rural ACOs. The most important lesson we learned from AIM is that rural providers need the right support to succeed in ACOs. And, value-based care is a worthy investment for CMS. More than half of AIM start-up loans have already been repaid, indicative of the program’s success.

Rural Risk-Free Solution

Many of our nation’s rural providers are so financially vulnerable that they can’t even consider taking on financial risk. We get it – rural hospitals run on the thinnest of margins. How can a provider already stretched too thin be expected to invest in staffing and technology and also take the chance of having to write a check to CMS if costs are higher than projected? Caravan Health specializes in making sure the numbers will work for rural providers in value-based payments regardless of their size or location. Our proven system of care transformation, data analytics, and scale ensures that your ACO will have the tools and resources for success.
We are so confident in our methodology that we cover the entire downside risk of any rural ACO. That’s right; when you partner with Caravan, there is no chance that a rural ACO will write a check to CMS. We put our years of experience and expertise to work for our clients through providing the tools, resources, training and on-going support. And we don’t stop there. Our technology teams are continuously providing innovations to improve care and efficiencies and we go to work in Washington D.C., actively advocating for our clients.


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