KANSAS CITY, MO, February 3, 2022Caravan Health, the nation’s leader in accountable care, is expanding its footprint in the Medicare Shared Savings Program by adding 25 new health systems and four existing ACOs into its high-performing collaborative ACO model. Collaborative ACOs combine providers with anywhere from 500 to 15,000 attributed Medicare lives into a single ACO, which mitigates risk and ensures reliable results. Caravan Health holds its ACO members accountable using award-winning technology and proven population health methodologies that have helped health systems and physicians who care for underserved populations save Medicare $510 million.
The Kansas City-based company manages six ACOs and more than 500,000 attributed Medicare lives with its largest collaborative managing more than 260,000 lives. Caravan Health’s scale and success in the Shared Savings Program has positioned the company to guide 44 health systems into downside risk this year in Medicare’s Pathways to Success Enhanced Track and earn up to 75% of shared savings with no fear of losses.
In 2021, Caravan Health expanded its services to help its ACO partners maximize their use of the underutilized 340B drug pricing program. More than 90% of Caravan-supported providers are recognized as covered entities. Caravan’s ACO and 340B experts use value-based care contract data to give providers more insight into their referral prescriptions and contract pharmacy use, improve workflows, and more than double their 340B discounts. Substantial increases in savings help safety-net providers confidently move into risk and expand primary care services to better support the communities they serve.
“Our collaborative ACOs have been leading their markets in value-based care, enabling our clients in community health systems to participate successfully in shared savings with little risk,” said Caravan Health Chief Executive Officer, Tim Gronniger. “We provide our ACO partners with coaching, accountability tools, and advanced clinical workflows to close gaps in care, track quality, and alleviate physician burnout. We do everything we can to support primary care practices and system transformation so ACO partners can focus on providing the best quality care.”
Caravan Health also helps health systems succeed by sharing the potential downside of value-based care. “This assures health care providers they will get their piece of shared savings, not the worry of potentially writing a check for ACO performance losses,” added Gronniger.
Two of Caravan’s new ACO partners, Summit Healthcare of Arizona and Holy Name Medical Center of New Jersey, recently joined one of Caravan Health’s six collaborative ACOs to transition from fee-for-service to value-based payment models.
Summit Healthcare Chief Executive Officer, Shawn Morrow, says, As a relatively small health system, we couldn’t have participated without joining with other providers. Caravan Health enables us to maintain our autonomy and manage governance at the local level while being part of a much larger ACO, increasing our chances of success in value-based health care.”
Dr. Randy Tartacoff of Holy Name Medical Center states, “Caravan Health is helping us reach quality goals, reduce costs, and track patient care with easy-to-access reports. With its proven ACO management methodology and population health analytics software, we’re looking to improve patient outcomes and keep our Medicare population healthier.”
Caravan Health removes two key barriers to joining an ACO: cost and risk. Providers only pay Caravan Health when shared savings are received and downside risk is minimal. For more information, click here.

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