Caravan Coach brings together all of the tools, data, and processes you need to run a successful ACO in one place. We have streamlined the tools you already use while introducing new functionality to increase efficiency while supporting patient and provider engagement.

“As we enter the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever for providers to have a tool to run their population health management programs. The introduction of a comprehensive software package facilitating care management, patient tracking, patient engagement, ACO analytics, and other functions could not come at a better time. We are confident that Caravan Coach will add tremendous value to our partner practices, and we can’t wait to hear what you think,” says Tim Gronniger, Caravan Health President and CEO.

Caravan Coach brings together everything we have learned and built, along with our comprehensive database of ACO information, into one platform to make it even more robust and easier to use.  “When we founded Caravan Health, ACOs were new and everyone was adjusting to the new world of value-based payment. We built tools and systems one-by-one to drive change in health care. Now, Caravan Coach brings all that expertise together with cutting edge data analytics and multi-payer capabilities that can carry us together into the future of health care,” says Lynn Barr, Caravan Health Founder and Executive Chair.

In the coming years, as value-based care becomes more and more important, providers and patients need systems that can keep up with ever-changing programs and an increasing flow of information. Coach includes patient engagement capabilities to meet that challenge. Early in 2020, we acquired Wellpepper, a patient engagement application with capability for remote patient monitoring and chronic care management. The Wellpepper app is an integral part of Caravan Coach, working seamlessly with the other parts of the software.

This new software allows clients to grow their capabilities to work with other payers. Coach is not limited to ACO attributed patients, it can be used to analyze data from other sources. In fact, you can invite non-Medicare patients to the Wellpepper app to manage their chronic conditions. The new software is available at no additional cost to clients. Many of the tools may look familiar, such as Caravan Compass and the HCC facesheets which are now included in the Track module.

Our population health experts have built Caravan Coach to keep your value-based care tasks and workflows organized and running smoothly. Coach has easy-to-use modules – Care, Track, Improve, and Submit – to take the guesswork out of next steps to effectively manage your patient populations. “The Coach software allows you to delve deep into understanding more about your patients’ health. You can even stay in touch with them while them while they are at home and track how much time you are spending with patients for billing,” says Tom Hawkes, Caravan Health Vice President of Technology Innovation.

  1. The Care module streamlines all your care management and patient engagement activities into one single repository. Clinicians can monitor their high-risk patients, identify gaps in care, and always have a holistic view into prevention and wellness initiatives. Quality teams can monitor benchmarks and coding opportunities through HCC dashboards and facesheets.
Practice managers can easily identify patterns and opportunities at the point of care with a 360-degree view of their patients’ health care activities both inside and outside of the ACO network. 

Our patient engagement application, Wellpepper, empowers patients to set health goals and interact with their care team on their health journey. All of this patient data flows back into the care module to ensure patients never fall through the cracks.
  1. The Track module drills down on performance improvement activities by integrating all your patient generated data, claims data, EHR data and more. Financial performance is always at your fingertips with dashboards for forecasting, ROI projects, CMS reports, and more.
You can track your organization’s HCC progress and identify top coding opportunities in this module. Clinical staff can dive into the provider and patient level data for targeted outreach.
  1. Through the Improve module, your team will have access to Caravan’s proprietary educational trainings, practice transformation resources, and project plans that will drive continued results. This module lets you take advantage of the latest thinking, analytics, and best practices in population health from quality to billing, staffing and more. Your Roadmap Calls and Steering Committee materials are also available via the Improve module.
This module was designed with ACO directors and champions in mind. Here, you can exchange documents, resources, and keep your calendar up to date. This includes everything you need to design your program and collaborate with your Caravan team, all in one place.
  1. The Submit module simplifies self reporting your ACO progress and contribution. With the touch of a button, your team can easily submit quality, compliance, promoting interoperability and organizational data to Caravan Health. It has never been easier to turn in reports and forms completely and on time.

Taken together, Caravan Coach provides everything clinicians need for successful participation in value-based care models.

Drive action through data, engage with your patients, and make the most of population health revenue streams with Caravan Coach.

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