On the surface, the notion of participating in an ACO can appear straightforward. However, even with key elements in place, including alignment and open communication between clinical and business leaders, an analytics platform that puts meaningful data at your fingertips, and a well-trained primary care staff, without the benefit of scale, the ACO will not be positioned well enough to successfully take on risk. 

The facts have been demonstrated with real-time data. Small ACOs do not have enough scale to safely mitigate random performance which means participants will be vulnerable and could have to write a check to CMS. This scenario is the opposite of the methodologies and goals of Caravan Health ACOs. We have pioneered the consistently successful collaborative ACO model and have used data to show that 100,000 attributed lives is the ‘magic number’ for reliable results that lead to shared savings.  

Watch our latest video to learn how our model works.

Caravan Health is the nation’s leader in accountable care and our clients consistently outperform the national average. In 2019-2020, Caravan clients reported $120M in shared savings and $166M from four collaborative ACOs. 100% of participants in those four collaborative ACOs are projected to receive shared savings this year. 

The proven Caravan Health model consists of collaboration and industry-leading resources and tools including Caravan Coach, our technology platform that streamlines care management and patient engagement activities and Wellpepper, our patient engagement tool that helps patients maintain an accessible connection to their care team with the scale to ensure success. Our scaled model generates new population health revenue and helps set the foundation to achieve shared savings, quality bonuses, and more.  

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