Caravan has recognized the five core values that represents the principles that guide its organizational strategy and individual actions. The values include: Respect, Make a Difference, Be Accountable, Act with Integrity, and Love What You Do. To learn more about Caravan’s core value campaign, we talked with Lara Blackert, Vice President of Human Resources.
This year the Caravan HR department initiated its Core Values Campaign. What was the catalyst behind that decision? 
At Caravan, we have been living these values every day in the work that we do with our clients and with our interaction with each other, but before now, we never formally named them. As we put pen to paper to define these values, we learned what really mattered to us and could articulate what we stand for as a company. We can all agree that in order to be a part of this great organization and work alongside our inspirational people, we must live our values. We are affected by both internal and external factors and keeping these values in front of us every day helps to guide our actions and in turn drive our business to more successful outcomes. 

Why these five values? What was the process of deciding which values were core to the organization?
We identified values that represent what is most important to us, the work we do, and how we operate. These may evolve overtime as the organization evolves.

Respect is foundational. It is in the support that we provide to our clients and the interactions we have with each other. Respect serves as your ticket in. Without a respectful mindset we will not take a second look. 

Making a difference speaks to the passion that we see each employee bring to work every day. We know we are making a difference in the work that we do. We put patients first - we help them by helping our clients improve the quality of care they deliver. 

Be accountable, is about how we work. Every employee contributes to the success of Caravan Health. We must all jump in to find solutions, be problem solvers and take ownership in finding better, more efficient methodologies and systems for our clients. This is key to our organizational success.

Act with integrity is an integral value within the health care industry. Many of our clients take an oath to operate with integrity. We too must uphold this in the work that we do and for the patient outcomes we strive to improve. 

Love what you do! This is the value that brings it all together. You can live each of the other values and they may even be aligned with your personal values yet if we don’t love what we do, we know that our outcomes will not be the best. The reason that Caravan Health is so successful is because our employees love what they do. They create a ripple effect to our overarching success. 

How do these values apply to the company’s mission?
Our mission is founded in helping our clients improve the care that is delivered to patients by paving the way to value-based care models. Our core values are reflected in every part of our mission. 
You’ve taken a creative approach to ensure that employees are aware of each core value. Tell us about this initiative and your reasonings for this approach.
We wanted to encourage a deep understanding of what our values mean to us and not just hang a pretty poster on a wall. As a former Talent Development leader, I understand the importance of bringing individuals along on the journey, helping to support their learning and providing opportunities to connect them to their real experiences. It was essential that we provide more than just a definition, but to share in the real stories of how we live our values and to show that they are not stand alone, but rather a thread that runs through our business strategy. 

Creating the campaign was one way to bring them to life and showcase them, but the real work begins when we start to connect them to the bigger picture. Soon our Caravan Health Rewards and Recognition Program will be aligned with our values. We are not just looking at this internally but also externally and how we interact and support our clients. There are many more opportunities to infuse this into our culture and there will be more to come!

How have Caravan employees responded to the Core Values Campaign?
I shouldn’t say I am surprised by the positive response because Caravan has such amazing employees. Rather, I have been pleasantly surprised by all of the employees who want to share their stories and lead the way in this effort. Each month we see our employees proudly displaying their Zoom backgrounds with each value. These are seen not just by each other, but also with our clients. To me this shows a true commitment to helping others understand what we stand for. I am continuously impressed by how much each individual at Caravan really supports this organization and our mission.

Of the five values, which one resonates most with you and why?
This is a hard question, because I strongly believe all values are so important to our success as employees and as an organization. I would have to say ‘love what you do’ most resonates with me and really brings them all together. I believe that when you miss this value and you don’t ‘love what you do’ or can’t find passion in the work you are performing, the other values are harder to live by and sustain. As a Human Resource professional, I understand the importance of employees needing and desiring a strong connection with the work that they do day in and day out. This supports a culture that is engaged and excited, which is how the company was started and exactly what we continue to build upon at Caravan Health.


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