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Quality Improvement

High quality scores show your community that you have implemented critical patient-centered processes that promote prevention, wellness and standards of care for high risk populations, and will have a dramatic impact on your payments under delivery system reform. This program is designed to help you attain the highest level of quality scores with the least amount of wasted effort and confusion.

We begin with developing a road map with each practice, assessing their current performance and developing mutual goals for success. The Practice Improvement Manager and Account Manager meet monthly with the practices to keep them on track, help them overcome the inevitable barriers to change, and escalate issues that prevent them from succeeding.

We begin with teaching your staff our enhanced version of the Medicare Wellness Visits at your Quality Improvement Workshop, which addresses 100% of your preventive measures and lays the groundwork for improved coding and documentation. Successfully implementing this program for at least half of your Medicare patients will help keep your community healthy, extend life expectancy, prevent progression of silent diseases and generate significant income. We will develop an individual work plan for your practice and follow up to help your staff implement the programs that will get your quality scores into the top percentiles with the least amount of disruption to your practice.

Once your staff has mastered optimizing prevention and wellness, we will work with your practice managers to redesign workflows to manage diabetics, patients with heart disease, ischemic vascular disease, pulmonary disease and other diseases that are routinely measured for value-based payments.

We will interface your electronic health record and monitor your progress using the Lightbeam Health Quality Reporting module. If data is not being collected or recording properly, our quality improvement specialists will help you modify your workflow to ensure your quality scores reflect your work.

On a monthly basis, practice managers and care coordinators can participate in cohort calls to share best practices, and learn from their peers about how they are able to overcome barriers, innovate solutions and share their successes. Pre-recorded webinars are also available for more information.

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