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Patient Engagement

Value-based payments are heavily weighted toward patient satisfaction, which frequently comprises up to 25% of your total quality score and quality score payment. CMS requires patients to be surveyed for population health programs about their experience in the ambulatory setting – asking them whether they are getting timely care and access to specialists, how the provider communicated and whether they felt included in the decision-making, whether they were given educational materials and support that promoted their health, and asking them to rate their provider and their overall health status. Getting high scores in patient satisfaction often translates to better patient loyalty and engagement in managing their disease, resulting in better outcomes and financial performance.

We provide a brief in-office survey using electronic tablets so that you can get inexpensive, real-time feedback from your patients about their experience of care. You can view your results at any time, and we also email monthly patient satisfaction reports to your practice manager. We will also focus a local quality improvement workshop specifically on patient satisfaction, so that your practice manager can learn best practices to achieve the highest possible rating.

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