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Financial Management Consultants

Work closely with highly trained financial consultants to analyze opportunities and threats, transition revenue from low-value programs that face obsolescence, and maximize reimbursement that supports managing your population’s health. Healthcare reform is about transitioning payments as much as it is about providing greater support for our patients. Our network of Financial and Management Consultants have undergone unique training, making them experts in population health and value-based payments.

In addition to helping you maximize earnings for providing the type of care that succeeds under value-based payment models, our CPAs and seasoned consultants will help you understand where payment is going in the near future and where your organization may be vulnerable. They will help you plan for transitioning payments, and educate your billers and coders on new codes and new methods of ensuring your patients are completely and accurately assigned risk scores that will have significant impact on your revenue. They can provide detailed analysis of the pros and cons of different methods of billing Medicare services, and help you fully understand the implications of entering into different shared savings models and/or risk-based contracts.

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