With tracks for RN/MAs and now ancillary and support staff, the AWV On-demand program teaches a team-based approach to customizing and scaling an engaging population health program.



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Please note that these modules are only available to current Caravan Health clients 

Nursing Modules:

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Learn how to engage your entire clinic team while running and scaling a successful AWV program. This modular, on-demand, and accredited program is designed to empower nurses and MAs to overcome difficulties identifying, engaging, and articulating the value of AWVs to busy providers and skeptical patients. Rather than forcing a one-size-fits-all approach, we teach you how to leverage our comprehensive tools to standardized workflows that work for your teams, allowing you to leverage top-of-scope care that improves patient outcomes, reduces care costs, and decreases burnout.

  Recommended Attendees:

  • Population Health Nurses
  • Nurse/MAs 
  • Practice Mangers
  • Additional Care Management Team Members (e.g. Social Workers)

  Training Outline:

  • Lesson 1: Overview of the AWV
  • Lesson 2: Preparing the Clinic for AWVs
  • Lesson 3: Identifying Patients for AWVs
  • Lesson 4: Intro to the HRA
  • Lesson 5: The Visit
  • Lesson 6: Considerations for Closing the Loop
  • Lesson 7: The Patient Experience
  • Lesson 8: Coding and Billing AWVs

  Learning Outcomes: 

  • Participants will be able to summarize the benefits AWV for patients and care teams.
  • Participants will create practice-specific workflows to identify and provide outreach to patient who would benefit from annual wellness visits, and appropriately delegate related tasks within their clinic team.
  • Participants will collaborate with providers and care teams to schedule patients for AWVs, create personalized prevention plans, and address future healthcare planning with patients.
  • Participants will accurately document necessary information in the patient record, and when necessary, assist the clinic team in properly identifying billing codes to describe the services performed.
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Ancillary & Support Staff Modules:

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Ancillary and support staff have an important role to play in population health care. Whether your expertise is scheduling multiple types of care appointments or improving clinical documentation through accurate coding and billing, Caravan Health’s approach teaches you how to leverage your unique skills to develop, adapt, and customize workflows that engage patients and support your team’s goals. Our flexible, on-demand program provides practical, customizable tools and real-world examples that make setting up, billing, and scaling a comprehensive care program straightforward and easy.
  Recommended Attendees:

  • Front and back office staff
  • Billers/Coders
  • Any member of your team that may benefit from the modules 

  Training Outline:

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to the ACO Core Program Training
  • Lesson 2: Overview of the Annual Wellness Visit
  • Lesson 3: Preparing the Clinic for Annual Wellness Visits
  • Lesson 4: Identifying Patients for Annual Wellness Visits
  • Lesson 5: Coding and Billing Annual Wellness Visits
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