Virtual Services & Care Management Resources

The rapid expansion of virtual care services during the COVID-19 public health emergency has created important opportunities for patients and providers. These services allow you to continue providing safe, engaging care to your most complex and at-risk Medicare patients, while allowing patients continued access to their primary care providers during the ongoing public health crisis. Virtual care is quick, convenient, and doesn’t require complex technology solutions. But it’s important to understand who is eligible for these services and the requirements for getting reimbursed.

Our team has created a library of resources to help you quickly pivot your existing teams and identify complex patients for Chronic Care Management (CCM) during the PHE and periods of shelter in place orders.

This resource library includes
  • Straightforward, comprehensive guides to virtual health billing and coding best practices
  • Detailed workflows that leverage your entire care team, allowing you to generate new revenue and avoid layoffs
  • Clear guidance on converting CCM, TCM, and PCM to a virtual health model, allowing you to provide and bill for the between-visit care required to protect your most complex patients

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