Caravan Health Seeks to Transform Rural Health Care

Caravan Health Seeks to Transform Rural Health Care

The Commonwealth Fund has issued an article, In Focus: Reimagining Rural Health Care, examining innovative models that are helping to minimize the growing health disparities between rural and urban America. Authors Martha Hostetter and Sarah Klein dive deep into the rural health gap, noting that rural Americans are more likely to die from the five leading causes of death (heart disease, cancer, unintentional injuries, chronic lower respiratory disease, and stroke)  than residents in urban regions, and that a greater percentage of rural deaths may be preventable.

Hostetter and Klein touch on how rural health providers have improved primary care through ACO funding. Caravan Health’s Founder & CEO, Lynn Barr, highlights Caravan Health’s successful ACO model which has helped hundreds of rural providers transition to value-based care. Through guidance and technical assistance, Barr notes that half of Caravan Health’s ACO participants have reduced costs while improving patient care within nine months.

Barr states, “Value-based care is the best business model rural providers have seen in a long time. It’s bringing new life to the community, new jobs, and new revenues.”

The article paints a promising picture for the increasing concern over rural health, observing that the experimental efforts are helping to reshape the nation’s delivery system. The entire article can be read on –


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