Quality Reporting

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For Clinicians, Practice Managers, IT Staff, Practice Champions

Simplify your quality reporting by using the Lightbeam platform with pre-loaded data and easy to use processes for documenting your scores.


All value-based payments are affected both by quality scores and total expenditures. Accurate and complete reporting of the quality measures is required. Low quality scores reduce your income and can disqualify you from participation.

We will interface your Electronic Health Record to Lightbeam using easy-to-maintain and inexpensive flat files to transfer the clinical data needed for your quality scores. Most vendors do not charge fees on their end for this connection. Our IT and quality improvement staff will review your data and work with your team to identify data gaps and determine how to overcome them – either though modifying where and how your staff enters data or modifying the fields we use for extraction.

We will also work with your practice to improve your quality scores over time. Our proprietary version of the Annual Wellness Visit addresses eleven Clinical Quality Measures in a single visit, improves patient outcomes and brings significant new revenue to the practice. The Lightbeam platform generates care gap reports as part of a comprehensive face sheet for each patient. You can also drill down on your measures to generate a list of your patients that are out of compliance.

Once a year, CMS will send us the list of patients and the measures required for quality reporting from your practice. We will pre-load those patients into Lightbeam, where you can enter additional data from their charts, and upload supporting documentation for worry-free audits. When ready, we will upload your data to the CMS GPRO website, so you can avoid common system crashes and unnecessary training.

In addition, if you are required to perform annual CAHPS patient satisfaction surveys to a list of patients provided by CMS, we will use a CMS-approved vendor to complete the survey, and give your participants a breakdown of their individual scores. We also provide in-office patient satisfaction surveys with monthly reports that will help you predict your performance on the survey and address areas that need improvement.


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