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ACO Optimization

Don’t just meet your benchmark, exceed it.

Even ACOs that are already performing well have to beat fee-for-service every year. We’re here to make it easier. We ensure wellness, prevention, and chronic care management beat national averages, while analyzing your local data and identifying specific areas you can improve.

Caravan Health Improves Your ACO

ACOs offer their own sets of rewards, challenges, and pitfalls, but with Caravan Health, you’ll beat your benchmark year after year. Click through the different benefits in the diagram to learn more.

The Caravan Health Difference

ACOs offer their own sets of rewards, challenges, and pitfalls, but with Caravan Health at the helm, you’ll beat your benchmark year after year. Click on the different benefits to the right to learn more about what it means to be part of the Caravan Health ACO network.

Teaching participants about payment models that reward improved community health has produced an average increase of 5-7% inpatient revenue, 10-17% outpatient revenue, and $250-$500 per patient wellness revenue for our ACOs.
We offer solutions to care coordination and scalable, data-based predictions about disease progression, management, and prevention. This leads to increased engagement among clinicians and with existing and new patients.
We continually gather, study, and report on data collected from within and beyond our ACOs to ensure participating organizations have actionable information that yields improved care at lower costs.
Nurse-driven ACO models are more successful and sustainable, clinically and financially. We train population heath nurses to lead preventive care, chronic care management, care planning, and behavioral health integration.
Our expert staff, vast ACO network, templated legal documents, turnkey systems, and on-demand resources and expertise allow ACO participants to optimize care delivery and improve patient outcomes.
Organizational change is hard, but necessary. We ease this burden and support staff at all levels of your organization by employing our effective communication, education, and onboarding processes.

Improvement Is a Way of Life

At Caravan Health, we take our jobs very seriously, and we know you do too. That’s why we continue to create new ways to help ACOs succeed, and why we work closely with you to achieve your goals. One way we make sure you accomplish this is to apply these best practices to your ACO and give you the tools to maintain them:

  • Get physicians back to their jobs. Pushing physicians to manage population health is a mistake. They already shoulder considerable responsibility, so asking them to also manage constantly changing ACO dynamics and massive quantities of data undermines the very thing the ACO set out to do – improve quality of care.
  • Empower your population health nurses. Population health nurses are a driving factor for ACO success. We offer training and tools to empower your nurses and office staff to support population health– all the while freeing physicians to focus on delivering care. This training will help nurses learn to provide valuable services and bill incident-to the supervising physician. Under this model, nurses generate income – about $150k more per year –generating profit and giving physicians extra time with patients.
  • Define and measure success. Even ACOs that are performing well can, and should, get better. The best way to accomplish this is by defining and measuring success. We work closely with management to understand what “success” means and keep them in the loop during each stage of the transformation. We begin by completing scorecards to determine which clinics need more support with changes to culture or performance. With this approach, we foster transparency and collaboration to achieve common goals.

Getting bigger can make you better. The reality is, your ACO probably does not have the size or scale necessary to see the success you want or expect. We have been solving that problem successfully for years by connecting ACO partners, holding each hospital accountable, sharing governance, and creating the right size ACO to absorb risk. When your ACO is big enough, you will have greater financial returns and be more prepared for the future. And with our support, you can do it all while maintaining your local control and independence.

The Caravan Health Difference

Benchmarks beaten every year

Bigger ACOs to take luck out of the picture

We shoulder the administrative burden

How do ACOs impact MIPS payments
for eligible clinicians?


We’re ready to maximize the value of your ACO – are you?

ACOs offer the best way to fundamentally change healthcare systems in a way that benefits the patients and the providers. If you’re in an ACO, we know you feel the same way, and if you’re here, it’s because you still see room for improvement. The good news is that we do too, and together we will make it happen.

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