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ACO Formation

ACOs are a journey,
not a destination.

Starting or joining an ACO? We can get you where you need to be with the best results in the industry.

Why Partner With Caravan Health

ACOs offer their own sets of rewards, challenges, and pitfalls, but with Caravan Health, you’ll beat your benchmark year after year. Click through the different benefits in the diagram to learn more.

The Caravan Health Difference

ACOs offer their own sets of rewards, challenges, and pitfalls, but with Caravan Health at the helm, you’ll beat your benchmark year after year. Click on the different benefits to the right to learn more about what it means to be part of the Caravan Health ACO network.

Teaching participants about payment models that reward improved community health has produced an average increase of 5-7% inpatient revenue, 10-17% outpatient revenue, and $250-$500 per patient wellness revenue for our ACOs.
We offer solutions to care coordination and scalable, data-based predictions about disease progression, management, and prevention. This leads to increased engagement among clinicians and with existing and new patients.
We continually gather, study, and report on data collected from within and beyond our ACOs to ensure participating organizations have actionable information that yields improved care at lower costs.
Nurse-driven ACO models are more successful and sustainable, clinically and financially. We train population heath nurses to lead preventive care, chronic care management, care planning, and behavioral health integration.
Our expert staff, vast ACO network, templated legal documents, turnkey systems, and on-demand resources and expertise allow ACO participants to optimize care delivery and improve patient outcomes.
Organizational change is hard, but necessary. We ease this burden and support staff at all levels of your organization by employing our effective communication, education, and onboarding processes.

We Have the Roadmap to ACO Success

We see the need and value of ACOs very clearly, and we’re glad you do too. In our work with hospitals and health systems nationwide, we help our partners create and sustain ACOs that improve the health of their communities by improving quality and lowering total costs – all while generating new outpatient revenue and population health success.
Hospitals Can’t Afford to Fail in Population Health Programs
Physicians become engaged when ACOs succeed, and they disengage when they fail. What most people don’t know is that success or failure is driven by two things: managing patients better than the national fee-for-service average and having enough lives to remove statistical variation.
Hospitals Have to do These Six Things for ACO Success

  1. Ease physician burden by empowering population health nurses.
  2. Define and track performance rigorously and transparently.
  3. Enhance primary care with practice improvement managers and training.
  4. Leverage big data to sustain success.
  5. Engage staff at all levels in changes and processes.
  6. Eliminate random statistical variation – unite ACOs to cover 100K+ lives.

Working with Caravan Health Improves Your Success
We have explored these imperatives at length with our successful ACOs and have learned where the pitfalls and opportunities lie. Working with us allows you to take advantage of our knowledge and experience in effectively establishing and managing ACOs. We’ll guide you through the journey and improve your cost savings, quality results, MIPS performance, financial sustainability, and patient and provider engagement.

The Caravan Health Difference

CMS MSSP applications: 100% approved

ACO quality 95% and up

Creating ACOs big enough to succeed

ACO Success Guide


Get the facts about ACOs from our ACO experts today.

When you’re thinking about building or joining an ACO, you’re going to encounter mixed perceptions and experiences from colleagues or peers. Don’t let that deter you from this incredible opportunity to provide better patient care and earn higher revenue. You need answers and solutions – we have them.

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