Delivery System Reform

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For Executive Leadership, Trustees, Clinicians, Practice Champions

Learn about new payment models that reward you for improving the health and well-being of the community, and how to adapt and succeed under Delivery System Reform.


The pace of change in healthcare payment is unprecedented. New policies and acronyms are introduced constantly, making it very hard for leaders, clinicians and board members to keep apprised of the changes while still serving their patients’ needs.

We will review all of the policies that are currently proposed and in development, and give you specific instructions about how you can engage in developing those new policies and programs to ensure they work for you and your patients. We will notify you of these proposed policies by email, and have policy update webinars to keep you abreast of where change is going and to give you an opportunity to provide feedback to policymakers.

We also provide a local annual Delivery System Reform workshop for clinicians and trustees to clearly explain all of the different value-based programs and payments under Medicare. These are designed to enable you to bring your entire board and the majority of your clinicians together so that we can facilitate conversations among you about how to approach these new models of care and payment. We will provide advice from top legal firms and nationally recognized leaders about how you should modify your contracts, programs and policies to keep pace with delivery system reform and work with your teams to develop an individual work plan for your community health system.


Policy Update Emails
Policy Update Webinars
Annual Delivery System Reform Workshop
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Policy Update Emails
Policy Update Webinars Delivery System Reform Workshop