Clinically Integrated Networks

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For Executive Leadership, Clinicians, Practice Champions

Join other independent organizations in your state to take advantage of value-based contracts that reward you for high quality and managing cost.


The key to accessing value-based payments is critical mass. Payors are reluctant to engage with individual practices due to the high variability of healthcare spending. Most require thousands of attributed lives to participate in their programs. Our provider-owned and governed Clinically Integrated Networks allow you to access extra payments, claims data and other resources to help support your patients. We aggregate independent providers in your state to take advantage of these contracts, providing the legal structure and documents, leadership and governance model that has been tested in dozens of Accountable Care Organizations that aggregate unaffiliated and independent providers.

Our professional negotiator will develop value-based contracts on behalf of the Network members, which each practice is free to either accept or reject. These contracts typically pay an additional care coordination fee and have a quality reporting and bonus component in addition to a shared savings component. These contracts do not affect existing reimbursement in any way. We do not negotiate rates and we do not bind anyone to risk-bearing contracts.


Entity Formation
Legal Documents
Payor Negotiator
Governance Support


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