Better Patient Care, Better Bottom Line

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Improve the Health of your Friends, Families and Neighbors

  • Provide coordinated, proactive care for your community.
  • Use claims data to predict and prevent disease progression.
  • Help your patients achieve their personal health goals.
  • Engage your community in its health and well-being.

Improve your Financial Performance to Stay Independent and Sustainable

  • Protect your employed and community physicians from MACRA penalties.
  • Implement new wellness services that generate $500 to $1,000 annually per Medicare patient.
  • Increase life-saving, preventative services such as mammograms and colonoscopies.
  • Keep health care local and prevent out-migration.
  • Maximize your MACRA bonuses and quality scores with the least amount of effort.
  • Earn additional financial incentives for improving quality and lowering costs.

Why Should I Join an ACO Now?

  • Don’t fall behind – half of all providers will be in value-based payment programs in 2018.
  • The majority of MACRA bonuses will go to ACO participants because of special scoring.
  • Hospital-based physicians are not excluded from MACRA and most are expected to be penalized if not part of either a large organization or an ACO.
  • “Repeal and Replace” does not affect value-based payments – they are here to stay.
  • Today, you still get fee-for-service with no down-side risk. Risk will increase over time and you must prepare.
  • If you join now, funds are available to lessen your upfront and ongoing costs.

Programs, Tools and Training Provided

Welcome to Your ACO: Our on-site launch meetings provide a complete overview of all program requirements, including what is expected from you and your practices, with practical tips on how you can be successful in the program.

Project Management: Our project managers will work with you and your practices to make sure you keep on track with the program requirements. You receive scorecards on each practice that reports their engagement and accomplishments.

Steering Committee and Board Meeting Support: We meet quarterly with your practices and your board, providing agendas, education, data, analysis, benchmarking, feedback and guidance.

Chronic Disease and Behavioral Health Coach Training: Everything your nurses need to know to help chronically ill patients get the care they need as you build market share and begin billing Medicare for new Chronic Care Management, Transitions of Care Management and Behavioral Health Integration codes.

Data and Analytics: Use Lightbeam Health Analytics with targeted, custom reports, combined with recommendations from our analytics team, to learn more about your patients and your health system than ever before, including where patients go for care, what services they seek, what drugs they are really taking, and where you need to focus to achieve better care at lower costs.

Quality Improvement: Build on the Annual Wellness Visit to improve quality scores, patient outcomes, documentation and practice revenues.

Quality Reporting: Simplify your quality reporting by using the Lightbeam platform with pre-loaded data and easy to use processes for documenting your scores.

Patient Engagement: Improve patient satisfaction scores through feedback from our Point of Care patient satisfaction measurement and the annual ACO CAHPS.

Evidence-Based Medicine: Keep your clinicians current with the latest evidence supporting population health while earning Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits.

Compliance, Legal and Application Services: Use our pre-existing legal documents and compliance programs to reduce cost and minimize risk.

Delivery System Reform: Keep up-to-date on policy changes and engage with CMS to help shape the future of value-based payments.

Other Payor Contracts: Join other independent organizations in your state to take advantage of value-based contracts from other payors that will reward you for achieving high quality and managing cost.

Dedicated to Better Care, Lower Costs and Helping Practices Succeed