Coming from the technology side of healthcare, I know it’s not the cure-all to improving the actual health of our patients. At Caravan, we know the real work is done by the health team, not the latest and greatest technology platform. We work side by side with our clients to improve their process, identify which populations to focus on, find new revenue streams and truly change the health of the patients that need our help the most.
Brett Jansen, MS

Brett serves as Vice President of Business Development working with hospitals, health systems and providers to transition from fee for service to value based payment models. Brett began her career working for Cerner as the business development executive for CommunityWorks, a cloud-based, IT platform that provides an integrated digital record of a patient’s health history that includes clinical and financial data. Her primary clients were community and critical access hospitals. In 2014, Brett took the role of vice president over marketing and sales operations for the Optum One Analytics team. In this role, Brett was responsible for RFPs, product marketing, white papers, and sales operations. Brett’s expertise include: health information technologies, social media/marketing strategies, behavioral health and patient engagement. Brett earned a Bachelors degree in marketing from the University of Missouri and  Master’s Degree in policy from the University of Kansas City-Missouri.