The caravan health difference

We've worked with more than 25,000 clinicians in building thriving population health programs. 

We are uniquely experienced to support large-scale collaboration. Our proven accountability, governance, and transparency model is used in 250+ health systems across the country. Each of our ACO communities is its own ACO within the larger collaborative – with independent sets of data, cost and quality targets, and control over clinical decision making. Shared savings are distributed based on attribution, quality, and performance on population health initiatives.

Caravan Health was started by a forward-looking group of community hospital CEOs and physicians who recognized early on the many challenges they would face transforming to a value-based payment model. They were attracted to the emphasis on the patient and the focus on improving overall community health through operational improvements, staff development, community engagement, regional collaboration, and the effective utilization of useful information based on never-before-available data.
Model for Success

The landscape of health care across the nation will continue to change. Caravan Health provides the specific programs you need now, to move your organization from the rapidly fading models of servicing sickness and charging for volume, to the new reality of managing wellness and delivering value-based care.

The Caravan Health ACO model is designed with the flexibility to adapt and to work locally. The successful model we have deployed has been validated in hundreds of towns, cities and communities across America. How do we know? We have the data to prove it.

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