Caravan Health’s 340B program helps safety-net providers take the guesswork out of maintaining compliance with the drug discount program to improve patient care and optimize savings. By implementing our unique, data-driven insights and proven processes, covered entities can confidently increase their 340B discounts two to five-fold without increasing risk.

With Caravan Health, now you can:

  • Gain confidence with your referral claim compliance – every detail is tested and documented to maintain HRSA audit criteria with a full copy in your EMR
  • Maximize your contract pharmacy network – using our proprietary analytics you can gain unique insight into the distant, mail order and specialty pharmacies that serve your patients – and will double your contract pharmacy program
  • Improve patient care and safety – ensure the care team is alerted to emerging conditions and new prescriptions discovered when reviewing new prescriptions written by external providers

Gain Confidence in Your 340B Program with Caravan Health

Designed to help providers stretch scarce federal resources, the 340B Drug Discount Program is intended to be a lifeline for safety-net providers, yet there are compliance requirements that can cause risks during audits and imperil the entire 340B program. Caravan Health’s team of 340B experts work with covered entities using our award-winning technology platform to maximize the full potential of the 340B program.

Data-driven Results

Caravan’s referral prescription compliance program, vetted by 340B pharmacy and legal experts, uncovers hidden opportunities for brand and specialty drug discounts, doubling the number of both profitable contract pharmacies and eligible prescriptions.

Prescription Validation Process

Read our press release: Caravan Health Offers New 340B Services for Medicare and Commercial Claims

on-demand webinar:

Capture More Referral Claims & Stay Compliant - Get the most out of your 340B Program
Caravan Health’s recent case study uncovered the concerning fact that its CE clients were missing nearly $35 million in savings with just one of the nation’s leading pharmacy chains. On July 29, join Caravan's Founder Lynn Barr & Chief Pharmacy Officer LeeAnn Scheer to discuss this problem and share the solution of how you can take control of your contract pharmacy use.

You'll learn how to:
• Take the risk out of referral claims and maximize your contract pharmacy network
• Increase 340B net savings four to five-fold while staying 100% compliant
• Implement new care management workflows that improve patient safety

Speakers: Lynn Barr, Caravan Health Founder and Executive Chair, and LeeAnn Scheer, PharmD, Caravan Health Chief Pharmacy Officer

Watch On-Demand    


The Benefits of Working with Caravan Health:

  • More than double your 340B Medicare & Commercial discounts

  • Maintain compliance with HRSA audit requirements

  • Maximize your contract pharmacy network

  • Improve patient care and safety

​How does our 340B program work? Watch our 340B video below to learn how you can expand your referral prescriptions and contract pharmacy and increase your discounts.

Caravan Health is the nation’s leader in accountable care. By using Caravan’s proprietary, award-winning technology, clients consistently outperform their peers and earn more in shared savings. Caravan Health’s 340B solution is the nation’s only program that focuses on improving patient care by increasing care coordination with high-risk patients, funded by 340B savings.


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